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An old local saying goes that Poznań is a city of sensations. And so it is. Poznan, the capital of Greater Poland, is famous for its many monuments: The Imperial Castle, the tombs of Poland's first rulers, the Town Hall with its goats, Poland's only Old Market Square,the Poznań Fair, the dialect, which is most often found in contemporary colloquial speech, and interesting modern places that provide a contrast to everything mentioned earlier.

The contrast, for example, is the Old Brewery, a 19th-century brew ery that has become a modern shopping mall with contemporary art, then a restaurant where you spend time in the dark, or Escape Room, or rooms where you have to solve a mystery, or modern kitchens and cafe-cafes, where not only the croissant St. Martin's Day is at the forefront.

Poznan and its surrounding area also has to offer... a hemp plantation. Its fields have nothing to do with the sale of illegal marijuana. And this is something you should already know how to distinguish. Seed hemp is a type of hemp that is grown for the need to produce products that are considered almost a medicine. Almost, because hemp treatment with extracts, oils, food products or hemp cosmetics is still too little known to science. Fortunately, research is still ongoing.

How CBD works

Hemp is characterized by having more than 100 substances in it, the so-called phytocannabinoids, and its most popular has become cannabidiol, known by the acronym CBD. This substance has a huge impact on the human body. It activates the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the body, which "manages" all the rest of the vital factors. CBD cannabidiol can affect cognitive functions (such as memory, mood or regeneration), take care of the body's balance (e.g., the outpouring of cortisol, the body's deposited stress hormone), soothe and calm (making us feel in control of emotions, concentration and inner harmony), or lower bad sugar, unwanted cholesterol, lower too high blood pressure, and even have a neuroprotective effect (e.g., in diseases such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's or cancer).

Cannabis seeds are most often found in the form of CBD oils or dried for smoking. With so many benefits, a boom in hemp products is underway in Poland and a trade in such health-promoting CBD products, supplements has developed. Research on this natural substance from hemp is being conducted, among others, by the National Research Institute: the Institute of Natural Fiber and Herbal Plants in Poznan. Its main direction is biotechnology and genetic engineering of herbal and fiber plants like flax and hemp. The institute focuses on the research of processing natural raw materials, studying their quality and usefulness.

Hemp store Poznan

A number of CBD Poznań stores have sprung up in Poznań, but most under the guise of a coffee shop, a form of business familiar from Western Europe. Coffee shop is a colloquial name for a place where you can buy legal dried CBD for smoking. There are several or even more than a dozen types, varying in taste, aroma and scent. Such dried can be burned in several ways, in the form of a rolled joint, glass barrel, bowla, bongo or even a shisha. Walking through the city, almost in every neighborhood you will find such a store selling dry. However, there is one place in Poznan that is unique compared to others. It doesn't just focus on smoking, but on hemp seed, CBD, from a medical angle. That place is Hemp Farmacy.

CBD store

Konopna Farmacja is two points of hemp stores in Poznan leading the way with their vast knowledge of hemp, giving advice on how to treat yourself effectively with hemp and herbs. CBD stores in Poznan under the banner of the Czech company Konopná Lékárna are distinguished by the largest selection of hemp products in Poznan: CBD oils, hemp dries, foodstuffs (such as hemp protein, teas and brewing dries), dermocosmetics with hemp oil for the treatment of skin with problems (psoriasis, seborrhea or atopic inflammation) or CBD pain relief ointments from Polish manufacturers and proven recommended hemp products imported from abroad like Czech hemp ointment.

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