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Long ago, the Guarani Indians discovered the secret of brewing the leaves of the Paraguayan holly (Ilex paraguariensis) growing in South America, the evergreen tropical tree Yerba Mate. The Indians believed that by preparing Mate, one could not only cure diseases, but also soothe nerves and slow down aging. The Guarani tribes were able, also, to use the potential of the brew to nourish human bonds. The secret was hidden in the classic form of drinking the brew in a circle and the symbolism of passing the calabash from hand to hand, hence the brew became known as the Infusion of Friendship.

The name Yerba Mate was most likely invented by Jesuits who went to South America to spread the Catholic faith among Indian tribes. 'Yerba' in Spanish means 'herbs' and 'mate' comes from 'mati', meaning calabash in the Ketchua language. The Jesuits, delighted by the benefits of the leaves and shoots of the Paraguayan holly, brought yerba mate to Europe and as early as the second half of the 17th century and it gained incredible popularity not only in Europe but also in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and southern Brazil. It is impossible to imagine South American culture without the amazing tonic drink that is yerba mate.

Yerba Mate flavor and properties

Externally, mate tea differs little from green tea, but in terms of taste and aroma it is a completely different drink: a slight bitterness is pleasantly combined with a sweet aftertaste and a light herbal aroma. And the foam that forms when brewing real Yerba Mate tea is sure to enchant anyone. In addition to its amazing taste, the green gold of the Indians, the brew has a number of beneficial properties that have a salutary effect on the body.

Mate gently tones the body, as it contains matein, which is similar to caffeine, but does not cause such side effects as a rapid increase in heart rate and tremors. The drink increases productivity, improves concentration, stimulates the digestive tract, improves blood circulation and stabilizes the psychosomatic state. We can confidently assume that mate will never let you fall into depression. In addition, the drink contains many useful acids, vitamins (A, E, C, PP, B vitamins) and essential trace elements (magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron, sulfur and others), which are great for maintaining the body while following a diet to reduce weight, and for a long time drinking Yerba mate allows you not to feel hungry.

How to brew Yerba Mate

The yerba mate brewing kit consists of a vessel called a calabash, and the drink itself is drunk through a special tube with a filter at the end - a bombilla, thanks to which not only the pieces of leaves and stems are filtered, but, most importantly, the enamel of the teeth is not destroyed after consumption. One serving of mate can be brewed up to 5-7 times, and since the first infusion can be quite strong, it is safe to strain it.

After pouring in the dried mate, cover the calabash with the palm of your hand and turn it upside down and shake it a few times, then turn the vessel to a 45-degree angle so that the dried mate is on one side. Pour the water into the free space between the dry and the wall of the vessel, and most importantly - do not brew the mate with boiling water, a temperature of 80 degrees is sufficient.

Do not consume mate on an empty stomach or before bedtime, and finally, do not overdose - two calabashes is the ideal amount of mate per day.

Yerba Mate with hemp

Classic Mate contains both leaves, stems and dust (the small parts of the stems and leaves). In the range of Paraguayan holly infusions, you can come across different types of Mate characterized by the absence of stems, coarse or fine grinding of the leaf and the presence of additives and flavorings.

If you want to taste the best Yerba Mate with hemp you have come to the right place !

Yerba Mate Poznan

Hemp Farmacy is a hemp store in Poznan where you can find hemp oils, CBD cosmetics, but also different types of teas, herbs and delicious Yerba Mate with hemp. This addition will make in Yerba Mate CBD and other valuable phytosubstances from the hemp plant in natural amounts. We are prepared to satisfy all lovers of hemp and Indian green gold, as well as the less initiated. We present an excellent collection of selected Yerba Mate, which for many of you has become a small island of pleasure.

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