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In addition to CBD dried hemp, which we sell as an herbal product for vaporization, we have hemp oil for drinking in various concentrations, for example, cbd oil 10 percent , or 30 percent. We offer an exceptionally large range of smoking and vaporizing products such as glass bongs, fifes, barrels, glass pipes, blets, vaporizers, herb mills so called crunchers ....

Are you looking for a new grinder?

Then you are in the right place! Whether your mill is acrylic, ceramic, metal or wood, you are sure to find the right Grinder with us.

In addition to the different materials from which the grinders are made, you can also choose from a wide range of different colors, shapes and motifs. TheGrinder, also known as a cruncher or herb grinder, is probably one of the most important tools for any CBD cannabis driedherb lover . There are t mostly cylindrical herb grinders on the market, which consist of two or more parts. They are filled on the inside with pointed/sharp teeth that interlock. The teeth ensure that dried hemp as well as other herbs are nicely chopped and ready for use.

Some grinders have an additional screen insert, also known as a pollinator, which lets only the pollen from the herbs ( kief) through. As a result, they are then collected in the lowest part of the mill. You can use the so-called kief. Sprinkle it on a scooped cigarette in a bong or pack the kief into a CBD joint.

Probably the best that the world of mills has to offer, ceramic-coated metal herb mills impress with their high quality, excellent performance and low cleaning and maintenance. Sharp teeth will crush even stubborn herbs. They are priced higher, but that money is well invested. If you don't lose it, it will be your companion for a long time.

Wooden dry grinders have a very attractive appearance. In addition, it is perfect for decorating it with beautiful ornaments on the lid - for example, a hemp leaf. Wooden Crusher pleases the eyes with its naturalness with it we feel more connected with nature . A wooden grinder does its job just as well as a metal Grinder for drying. However, with some wood grinders for herbs you have to accept small compromises in performance.

There is another option for grinding herbs with a grinder card. This is a thin metal plate that uses the punched holes as a slicer to chop herbs as well as dried hemp CBD. This method works flawlessly, and the biggest advantage is that the Grinder Card fits into any standard wallet thanks to its credit card format.

The Grinder Card is the best solution when traveling or on vacation. This way you don't have to worry about leftover dried CBD in the grinder .

You can think what you want, but when it comes to discretion, the Grinder Card is the absolute number 1.

Not only can you buy the right cannabis accessories at our cannabis store in Poznan, but you'll also get top-notch advice. What are you waiting for? Visit us and let yourself be charmed by our hemp products !

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