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Fragrancesmade from he mp are a great option for people who like to surround themselves with natural, but distinctive aromas. One of the hits of our offer are women's or men's perfumes with a hemp accent - this type of fragrance composition is dominated by floral or fruity notes broken by, among others, musk, ginger or cedar wood. Hemp completes the bouquet and makes it difficult to pass by indifferently. Of other scented cosmetics, we also recommend deodorants and eau de toilette. In turn, for those looking for home chemicals, we can offer hemp laundry capsules.

Scented hemp candles

Hemp candles also occupy an important place in our assortment, helping to create a cozy, intimate atmosphere at home. We especially recommend Christmas candles, which spread a pleasant scent of gingerbread or citrus. If you want to relax, brew a hemp tea in the evening and drink it next to a lit candle - the essential oils will help you relax and calm down.

On the other hand, for a meeting for two, choose a hemp massage candle with a calming, cinnamon-orange aroma. Remember that only special candles, characterized by natural composition and low melting point, are suitable for contact with the skin - the wax from such a candle will not sensitize and burn the skin, but will gently moisturize and warm it.

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