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CBD e-liquid is a hemp extract containing glycerin and flavorings, making it suitable for smoking with an e-cigarette. Importantly, nicotine has been replaced by CBD oil in this type of product, so you can also reach for e-liquid if you want to break your addiction to cigarettes. In addition, CBD oil is known for its calming effect, so e-liquid with its addition will be helpful for sleep disorders, stress reduction or anxiety. Due to the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD, e-liquid can also alleviate acne lesions and protect against the occurrence of allergies.

Is CBD e-liquid legal?

CBD e-liquids do not have psychoactive properties, as they are made using seed (industrial) hemp, not Indian hemp. In seed hemp, the content of the addictive substance THC is trace, and by law the THC content in the finished product cannot be higher than 0.2%. The items we offer come from trusted manufacturers, for whom high quality is a top priority. All the cannabis-flavored liquids available in our store are therefore fully legal, non-addictive and show no narcotic properties.

We also encourage you to get acquainted with other hemp assortment, especially CBD dried. The selection of products is really large, so everyone can find a product from us that perfectly suits their needs and preferences.

E-liquids from industrial hemp - legal e-liquids with CBD.

We invite you to get acquainted with the assortment of e-liquids containing CBD oil. We guarantee attractive prices and assure you that all products are legal.

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