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Hemp candy is a great alternative to unhealthy cookies and other caloric snacks. In our store you can find, among others, hemp lollipops, chewing gums, chocolates and even fudge - each of these products is distinguished by its interesting taste and transparent composition. Small drops or chewing gums are always worth having in your pocket - you can reach for them between meals, they are also useful at work or on the go. Candy and lollipops, on the other hand, can be an original addition to afternoon coffee or hemp tea. There's also nothing stopping you from indulging in milk or dark hemp chocolate from time to time, which will also be perfect as a small gift, for example, instead of a classic box of chocolates.

Is CBD candy safe?

The compositions of all our products contain only good quality ingredients, fully legal and free of any psychoactive properties. In addition, some of the products we offer are suitable for people avoiding gluten. Hemp sweets can replace traditional sweets, but it is important to remember that hemp products also often contain sugar or allergens (milk, nuts).

The assortment also includes energy drinks flavored with hemp and additionally enriched with caffeine. Such products are a source of carbohydrates, which is why they are popular especially among people with active lifestyles. However, such drinks - like other energy drinks - should not be consumed by children. Taking into account the content of hemp substances, the sweets available in our store are therefore completely safe, but due to the presence of other ingredients (e.g. sugar, caffeine), moderation should be exercised when including them in the diet.

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