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Hempoil is a legal product with valuable properties. Hemp seeds contain minimal traces of THC (legally, the content of this substance cannot exceed 0.2%), so the products made from them are devoid of psychoactive properties. Hemp oil is made from seeds, which are a source of such substances as omega-3 and omega-6 acids, magnesium, zinc, vitamins A and E, for example. Importantly, seed oil does not contain cannabidiol - natural CBD oils are extracted from hemp flowers.

Why consume hemp seed oil?

The complex of ingredients found in hemp seed oil can help prevent diseases of civilization (diabetes, obesity), as well as keep the heart and skin healthy (the oil shows anti-inflammatory effects and positively affects the wound healing process). In addition, hemp seeds are a rich source of fiber, so they support the intestines in proper work and relieve symptoms associated with metabolic disorders. The seeds of this plant also support immunity and lower cholesterol.

So it is worth introducing hemp seed oil into your daily eating habits, especially since it works great in the kitchen. It successfully replaces oil in salads, its slightly nutty flavor also forms a perfect duo with cooked vegetables. In addition, this oil does an excellent job as an original and healthy addition to soups, appetizers or salads. It can also be used as a substitute for butter on sandwiches - preferably prepared with whole-grain, fresh bread. The only thing to remember is that hemp seed oil should be consumed cold. It should also be stored in a cool place and in its original packaging (hemp seed oils are usually sold in dark glass bottles).

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