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Hemp products for oral hygiene

Hempproducts for oral hy giene help effectively take care of healthy gums and teeth. Plant ingredients extracted from hemp seed can be especially useful for people who struggle with the problem of hypersensitivity and irritation of mucous membranes. Hemp oil exhibits anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties, so it should reduce redness and tightness.

Regular use of hemp toothpaste will also help get rid of plaque and enjoy fresh breath. In addition, manufacturers often enrich the composition of toothpastes with various types of plant extracts, such as mint or sage oils, so that the anesthetic, antitumor and antibacterial effects are further enhanced.

Hemp mouthwashes

In addition to toothpastes, we have an assortment of hemp mouthwashes . Such products are a valuable addition to daily care, and those wearing braces or dentures should also be pleased with their use. The ingredients in the liquids have an astringent and soothing effect, and may also have mild analgesic properties. Remember to read the instructions on the package before use - some liquids should be diluted, while others should be applied with a cotton swab directly to the irritated areas.

Hemp products for oral hygiene - liquids and pastes with CBD

We offer hemp toothpastes and mouthwashes, and we have oral hygiene products with both CBD and hemp seed extract.

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