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In this category you will find the highest quality hemp oils. This remarkable cannabidiol in the form of an oily consistency, applied under the tongue is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream - it is assimilated within a maximum of 15 minutes, and its duration of action is about 6 hours. In addition, CBD oil in the form of drops is convenient to apply. Bottles equipped with droppers or precise pumps allow you to dose the exact dose for your individual needs. Additionally, you will find products with guaranteed phytosubstance concentration of 5% CBD, 10%, 15%, 24% or hemp oil 30% .

In the offer of Poznan hemp store you will find CBD oils enriched with other ingredients: such as full spectrum oil with ashwaganda or passionflower, so you can easily choose a product that will fully meet your expectations.

In the assortment we have included hemp oils from different manufacturers, but the common denominator of all products in our hemp store is the excellent quality of the extracts, to which we pay special attention.

Each of our natural hemp preparations is characterized by safety of use and distinguished by high purity. Thanks to the fact that we have on sale products from proven manufacturers cooperating with certified laboratories, we can also invite customers looking for CBD oil for children to shop with no worries.

Properties of CBD hemp oil, like CBD capsules and raw pastes, can exhibit antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Natural hemp oil can also be an ally in the fight against intestinal problems, nausea, emotional tension, feelings of irritability, obesity and its consequences, among others. In addition, natural hemp seed products enriched with other valuable ingredients occupy an important place in our store. If you can't fall asleep every night, check out the offer of hemp oils with melatonin. For chronic stress, you can reach for drops with cannabinoid and passionflower, while for trouble with concentration - CBD oil with ashwaganda. If you don't know how to use hemp oil for sleep contact us. Copaiba oil, known for its anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties, is also a valuable addition. Feel free to browse our entire assortment!

CBD oil for children

Extracts extracted from the Cannabis Sativa L. plant exhibit many health-promoting properties that can benefit not only adults, but also children. Cannabis products are considered safe for people of any age, with the understanding that a doctor should always be consulted before giving any supplement to a child. However, CBD is not expected to cause any serious side effects (including allergies), and can instead help relieve various ailments. In the youngest children, hemp extract is usually used in connection with the appearance of the first symptoms of ADHD, depression, anxiety. In addition, hemp drops are increasingly used in the treatment of autism spectrum disorders. Importantly, baby oils contain only a trace amount of THC (no more than 0.2%) or none at all - so you don't have to worry about any psychoactive reactions. Seed hemp, unlike cannabis, has no such effects.

How to use CBD oils? What to use CBD for?

Good quality full-spectrum hemp oils can be successfully used for pain relief, insomnia in chronic stress, and to improve mental health. Many current studies prove the beneficial effects of cannabidiol on cancer.

Full spectrum oil for cancer - How to use ?

Regular administration of drops in the right concentration will have a positive effect in alleviating the unpleasant effects of cancer treatment, such as vomiting, depression, emerging anxiety related to the disease, hemp drops increase appetite in patients. This well-known phytocannabinoid is also famous for its pain-relieving properties and for supporting the fight against insomnia.

This remarkable hemp extract is also mentioned as an effective treatment for psoriasis, AD or acne. True hemp oil with full-spectrum cannabinoids in concentrations above 5% CBD ( 500mg), added as an ingredient in an ointment, will have powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

How to take CBD oil?

The oil is used differently from other healthy extracts on the Polish market. The best way to administer hemp oil is to administer the extract under the tongue directly on the mucous membranes. Then all the most beneficial cannabinoids penetrate quickly into the bloodstream. The time after which all the constituents are completely absorbed is only several minutes. We should then feel the effect of relaxation and inner peace. Such hemp properties will be felt for up to 6 hours after application . After using the oil for a longer period of time, it should bring us more benefits such as relief from pain, insomnia or depression.

The dosage of CBD , depends directly on the purpose, if it's simply a matter of feeling better or preventive health care as little as two drops under the tongue in the morning and in the evening will suffice. For specific therapies, such as CBD oil for drug-resistant epilepsy or CBD therapy for cancer, the frequency of administration is different and requires an individual plan. Remember to choose only original and certified products containing CBD. We usually start supplementation with an oil with a lower concentration of CBD, and then possibly gradually increase the dose.

All over Europe there is currently a so-called, boom in CBD products. Unfortunately, due to the lack of precise regulation, not all CBD oils offered to customers are worth the price. Most outlets selling hemp products such as CBD oils lack sufficient knowledge and often market products that are derivatives of real hemp extracts (Cannabis Satvia L.). The composition of a good therapeutic oil should include not only hemp flower extract, but also other cannabidiol, natural hemp terpenes, flavonoids, and many other molecules naturally found in hemp that work synergistically together.

CBD oil Poznan

The hemp products offered at Konopna Farmacja in Poznań have been selected. We pay attention to ensure that CBD oils are made without the use of chemicals, hormones and genetically modified ingredients, without any psychotropic properties. As we mentioned earlier, hemp oil from hemp seeds, will not necessarily contain CBD. CBD extraction and the amount of hemp flower material needed to produce CBD oils is not cheap. So, if there is to be CBD in the oil, the manufacturer will certainly communicate this strongly.

So let's be careful, because although hemp seed oil has a number of health properties, they are not the same properties offered by hemp flowers and their medicinal compounds, especially CBD. Therefore, in order to minimize your search for a CBD hemp product that has a chance of meeting your Expectations, it is advisable to choose a company with years of experience in the hemp industry. If you want to buy a good CBD oil for your conditions visit the hemp store in Poznan - Konopna Farmacja - you will have the opportunity to learn about the possibilities that CBD oils Poznan can provide We believe that every person deserves to achieve the best possible health on their own. That's why Konopna Farmacja in Poznań consistently relies on high-quality CBD hemp products, herbs and dietary supplements.

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